Public Relations Services that Build and Protect


Product Publicity

 Ever wonder why that one chair, appliance or garden tool shows up in magazine after magazine? It's featured on remodeling sites and your favorite renovation show. It even pops up in your social media feeds. 

This is no coincidence. Someone has let all of these media outlets know about this new product.  That's what K.Sherman PR does, and does well. We put your products into the right hands. Then Voila! Your products get great coverage.


Education & Training

 We have public relations skills, built over decades, and we like to share. Sometimes your internal team just needs a boost. With a bit of media training, mentoring, or a quick phone consultation, we can help your team to be their best. 

We'll work with your staff on a project basis or retainer.  On anything from critical message development to media interview skills, to prepping for events and speeches.


Building & Protecting Reputation

Your company’s reputation is about more than just your products and services. It’s about banking goodwill intentionally and consistently over time. This goodwill helps you weather the  inevitable storms that arise.

We help build and  protect corporate reputations through continuous outreach with positive news and by clearly leading the narrative in times of negative attention. Our crisis planning process is focused on gathering information, identifying issues, and mapping pathways of effective actions and words.