Public Relations - Promoting Products; Building and Protecting Reputations

Skills and Experience


Principal Kristine Sherman brings three decades of public relations experience spanning broadcast news, product publicity, high-level global crisis communications and media relations for Fortune 500 companies. 

She is a skilled communicator and relationship-builder with solid, long-term media contacts. 

Creative Collaboration


Our work is focused on a few specific areas of public relations and product publicity. To assure our clients get the highest level of marketing consultation across the board, we sometimes collaborate with other top talent.

 These are seasoned experts who bring complementary skills and insights, when needed, assuring complete client service over the long run.

Branching Out


Kris spent the first half of her PR career promoting products for inside the home. Evenings and weekends, however, included many hours spent blissfully outside in her gardens.


Now, she's taking her professional PR skills, along with some new  gardening education, into the world of growers, greenhouses and garden products. 

We are actively seeking clients for this new business segment.